Angela Mooney, MBA

Facilitating an environment of co-creation allows freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small startups to innovate at a rapid rate. With over 12 years of experience working with a diverse set of organizations including tech startups, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, entrepreneurs and non-profits, I’ve successfully experienced the nature of working in different environments.  As I continue my professional journey, I’ve joined the volunteer community at the CO Network and Machine Learning Society, where we leverage a community of thought leaders in science, technology, and mathematics to advance global tech and science initiatives.  With a natural passion for business development, retention and marketing, it is my mission to combine my talents, experience and years of education to successfully create efficient and effective processes and systems while collaborating with your internal human capital. As an individual who continues to collaborate as a freelance consultant while running successful organizational strategies, it is only fitting for me to embody what it means to be both an Entrepreneur and a Freelancer – an EntrepreLancer. 

Past Performance

Collaborate & Innovate

Growing your business means building on your strengths to improve your flexibility and capacity for innovation – both in what you offer and how you handle your back-end.

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